If you have ever done flash development, you quickly realize that the Flash IDE is the worse play to actually write code. It’s down right… »


Moving from Actionscript to Unity one of the things I missed the most was a framework like Robotlegs that has been the base for any as… »

XCode shortcuts

Since I’ve been doing a bit of ObjectiveC lately I’ve been stuck in XCode and coming from better IDEs (IntelliJ; and yes I know about… »

JSONFX and Unity

Hey all. It’s been fucking ages since my last post, but maybe this time I’ll be able to keep this sucker going. But to hell with excuses and… »

Today on the internet…

Today while sitting in the bbg IRC ( / #bbg) , an epic(!) battle occurred! lmaopirate has joined 11:56    lmaopirate: ARRR ME… »