Updates to Openbracket

There have been a few changes here and a few more are on the way.  Most notably is that here forward I will attempt to use excerpts to… »

Lantern version goals

Here’s my plan: v0.1 Player creatation/login Some sort of design – rough A working home page – This break down into: Inventory Player stats… »

Lantern Map

Look at this awesome map! Look at it! This is a rough map I made in a few minutes for my friend William aka jetfx (http://jetfx.livejournal… »

Mongo + wamp

Before I forget I just want to scribble down how I got mongo running at home. It’s actually really simple. Download wamp and get that up and… »

PBBG devs on twitter

See the title? I wanna compile a list of dev’s that are out there on twitter. So if ya got an account,  post it below ^^ I’m also gonna make… »

Cthulhu Nation

This is a quick post about a game that I have recently started playing, and frankly, I am enjoying it greatly so far. The game is called, in… »

Creating an items table

Today I tried to do a little work on my game but I got stuck on a table which I have been pondering about for a little while now but today… »