Manjaro + Unity3d + VSCode

Time for a change. Let's format the laptop, throw the latest Manjaro, Unity and VSCode on it and see if we can use it as a daily driver.

Since this is my first time not using a a Debian base distro, I decided to use the Gnome release with is the desktop environment I'm most familiar with. I'm not aware of any Gnome dependencies but consider yourself warn.

Once you have your system setup you'll want install some prerequisites and VSCode

pacman -S cpio dotnet-sdk-3.1 code

Then go grab the latest Unity Hub beta and follow the instructions in the README. Hub should be good to go now; install whichever version Unity you want.

Open up VSCode and add this extension.

Use ctrl+, to open the settings, search for Omnisharp User Global and set to true.

Open Unity,  and in Edit -> Preferences -> External Tools change external script editor to VSCode and click Regenerate project files.  

Return to VSCode, press ctrl+shift+p and search for Developer: reload window and return.

Congrats! You should now have Unity and an editor with intellisense working!

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