Pihole + Edgerouter

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Setup your pihole install however you'd like. I used a debian thin clone vm in proxmox. Once you have your pihole install, get your IP address. The installer should give it you at the end of the process.

From here, log into your EdgeRouter web ui and go to your DHCP settings and view your details for LAN

In the details popup you'll see DNS 1 will likely have the routers address already filled in. Replace it with your pihole ip address

Give it a second and you'll see a green check in the upper right corner of that popup. Close it and wait for your devices to renew their lease. If you're impatient you can manually renew your devices:

On Android, delete and readd your wifi connection.

On iOS in your wifi details there's a renew lease button. It will work eventually even if it doesn't look like it's doing anything.

On Windows ipconfig /release /renew.

On mac in the tcp/ip under advanced in your wifi resets in a Renew DHCP Lease button.

On linux you can dhclient -r then dhclient

There ya go, a working pihole!

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