Replacing Bell's Home Hub with an EdgeRouter

Are you a Bell Fibre Op client burdened with that god awful Home Hub router/modem? Want to remove that junk from your network? Let's do it!

First you'll need a way to handle the SFP connector. The way I will describe is with an ubiquiti edgerouter x sfp, but my buddy who guided me through the process used this.

There are several ways to achieve this setup and the way I will be showing is how to use the GUI on the Edgerouter but if you just want the info, here's what you need :

  • WAN VLAN ID :  35
  • Spoof the MAC address of your Home Hub to the SFP port you are using

If you're still here, let's set this up with the GUI!

Go to the Wizards tab and start a basic wizard.

Ensure your port drop down is set to eth5/SFP, that VLAN is checked and you add the ID as 35, and at the bottom you add new or keep existing user.

Next step is to spoof your MAC address on the eth5/SFP port. To do this go to the Conf Tree tab and select interfaces/ethernet/eth5 and enter your MAC address in the proper field

And that's it.  Your dashboard should now look something like this

Congrats! You have removed that horrible piece of hardware from your network!

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